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Why Marketing Skills Are Needed to Develop a Website

Thinking of developing a website for your business? There are many platforms available to do so. But, what may not be immediately apparent is that website development requires marketing knowledge, strategy and skills. If you don't have these, you should consider hiring a website developer with marketing expertise to create your website.

Website development involves some marketing

Initially, website development and marketing were distinct disciplines. Developers and graphic designers collaborated to create a website, and then a separate marketing team would promote it through various channels. This paradigm has shifted. Websites now need to be constructed from the ground up to align with all kinds of marketing campaigns.

For instance, if you build a site on a platform that isn't SEO-friendly, and later you choose to engage a marketing agency to help grow your business, your marketing team is likely to recommend a new site before implementing any SEO strategy. Naturally, you won't be pleased to hear that you need to invest more in a website redesign. You can prevent this situation by ensuring that basic marketing principles are integrated into your website designs.

Tips for incorporating marketing into your website project:

1. Hire a website developer with marketing skills

2. Study marketing

Familiarize yourself with marketing concepts. Understanding elements like color psychology, branding simplicity, and how design impacts visitors is crucial. Platforms like YouTube and Udemy offer valuable courses in marketing.

3. Start wherever you can

Begin where you are in your marketing knowledge and incorporate it into your website's design. Keep learning, and over time, you'll accumulate enough knowledge to build a site that aligns with your company's marketing and SEO efforts.

Need a skilled marketer to build your website?

We can help! Learn about our visual branding and website design services and contact us today to arrange a free consultation.



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