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Designing an Application

Smartphones have created lots of new marketing opportunities for small businesses. Having a mobile-friendly website is vital, yet it's not the only method to interact with mobile customers. Having a mobile app will put your brand on the home screen of customer devices making it easier than ever for them to interact with your business — place orders, book appointments, make reservations, receive news, provide feedback, and contact your business, and more — all in an instant.

Open New Doors for Your Business!
You don't have to be a large company to have an app! Our app design service makes it easier than ever for small businesses to get in on the action.
90% of time on smart-phones and tablets is spent on apps!
Retail App Design
Benefits for Small Businesses
Increases Customer Loyalty

Your customers will love the effortless and personalized experience that a mobile app provides - an experience they'll want to revisit again and again, all while ensuring that your brand stays top of mind. In addition, an app provides the perfect platform for a customer loyalty program - what's not to love?

Enhances Customer Interactions 

An app offers your customers a more convenient way to browse and interact with your brand, with easily accessible information right at their fingertips. A mobile app offers a unique 'walled-garden' environment allowing your business to increase interactions and make true connections with your customers.

It's Just

Sure, we're used to seeing beautiful apps for the Amazons, Targets and Starbucks of the world. But you don't have to be a big company to have an app! Our app design service makes it easier than ever for smaller businesses to get in on the action. Think of how impressed your customers will be! The best part is, they'll keep coming back.

Mobile apps are great for...
  • Gyms & Trainers

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • Professional Associations

  • Trade Associations

  • Volunteer Organizations

  • Country Clubs

Membership Organizations

Doctor and Patient _edited.jpg
  • Medical Practices

  • Dental Practices

  • Restaurants

  • Salons & Wellness

  • Consulting Agencies

  • Accounting Firms

  • Law Firms

Appointment- Based Services

Soap Store Customer
  • Clothing Shops

  • Boutiques

  • Gift Shops

  • Pet Supplies

  • Business Supplies

  • Home Stores

  • Bakeries & Edible Goods

Retail &

App Design & Hosting Costs

$799* starting at  |  One-time fee for custom design, setup and testing

$200 |  Per month hosting (charged by

*Price may vary depending on project scope. After your free consultation, a detailed estimate is always sent for your approval.

Publishing Fees

App Store

(for app to be available on Apple devices)

Apple has set high standards to keep this ecosystem safe for its users and consistently offer high quality apps. After we design your app, Apples's fee to publish it on the App Store is $99 per year.

Google Play

(for app to be available on Android devices)

Google Play is the premier platform to distribute an Android app. To publish your app on Google Play, Google's registration fee is a one-time payment of $25.

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