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Five Must-Have's for Your Business Website


Brand authenticity is an essential factor for 86% of consumers, often determining the brand they end up working with and supporting. 😲


Numbers this large are hard to ignore for any company. So branding should be a central part of your company's website design if you're going to have a chance of standing out in the marketplace.

However, figuring out how to position your brand isn’t always easy. There are numerous things to consider, and something that works in one situation might be the wrong choice in another.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the key branding aspects you should think about when designing your company site.

1. Domain Name

Even though your domain name might not be the first thing you consider when putting together your brand image, it’s actually something that matters a lot in the online business world.

A brand’s domain name is one of the first things people interact with when they are first exposed to your business. Having a catchy, professional, and relevant domain name can go a long way in setting up expectations and positioning your brand before the prospect even comes to your site.

The good news is that finding a cheap domain name and web host is now easier than ever – you can choose from millions of potential names, as well as dozens of unique extensions that can help reflect your brand. (We recommend to secure a domain name. However, we do not recommend it to build your website.)

Think about the primary purpose of your website and your company. How do you plan on helping people? And what makes you different from your competitors?

The answers to these questions can give you some ideas for a catchy and unique name that gets to the very core of what you’re offering. But if you can’t think of something super creative, don’t get stuck; just make a list of names, think about how they might help with other branding elements, and choose one!

2. Logo

Once you have a domain name bought and secured, you’ll need to think about the visuals that appear once people click through to your website.

One of the most defining visual aspects of your website is your logo. Your logo is not only a prominently displayed image but also a representation of what your business is all about.

Even if the image itself doesn’t portray the meaning behind your company, the colors and fonts you use will play a role in how you’re perceived. Just look at the logos of companies like FedEx, Cisco, or NBC if you want to better understand how companies convey powerful identity ideas through visual elements.