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Crack the Whip On Your Website!

It's a good idea to review your site periodically for outdated content and ways to improve its functionality. Here are 9 ways to ensure your site is doing what's it was designed to do... to make your job easier and bring in those customers!

These days, people expect websites to do more than just be pretty; they want websites to be responsive, intuitive, and engaging. If maintain your business website, read on for nine ways you can improve your site’s design and get it working harder for you.

1. It’s All About the User Experience

It’s your website’s job to make its users feel welcome, understood, respected, and to work well for its users. This is called the user experience, which can include everything from the colors used to the type of fonts chosen and the website’s general appearance. A well-designed website is also an excellent way to attract new business and engage existing customers.

The best websites provide a great user experience across all their pages, helping visitors navigate a website smoothly. And because a good user experience is also likely to increase the time a user spends on a website, this can result in increased lead generation and conversion rates.

The key factors in user experience are:

  • The ease of use

  • The content

  • The visual appeal

  • The layout

  • The navigation

  • The response time

  • The information provided

2. Functionality and Performance

In addition to being designed well, your website needs to function well and meet your objectives. When choosing a website design service provider, you should consider these two factors and how well the designer meets your requirements.