Branding & Marketing Tips for Startups

There’s a lot to do and plan when you’re starting a new business. But don’t neglect the marketing and branding side of things. Here are 5 clever tips to make sure your marketing and branding are as good as they can be.

1. Make Sure Your Logo is Clear and Eye Catching.

Every startup needs a great logo, and it’s not an easy thing to achieve. There are lots of mundane and boring logos out there, but the best businesses have something that’s both clear and instantly recognizable. This is what you should be aiming for if you want to perfect your branding.

Think about what it is a logo should do. It should let people know what your business is called, give them an idea of what you do and catch their attention. If you manage to tick those three boxes, you have agreat logo.

2. Build Partnerships.

When you’re starting out at the bottom, it’s not easy to get noticed above all the other startups in the market. Building partnerships with industry leaders and influential people in your sector is one way of getting seen and heard.

Talk to the leaders of companies that offer products or services that are linked to yours but are not direct competitors. If you can benefit from the existing customer base of these bigger companies, your startup will receive an instant boost. They’ll expect something in return though.